Aging Skin Doylestown

What aging skin treatments are available?

(Aging Skin • Sallow Skin • Lifeless Skin • Smoker’s Skin • Baggy Eyes • Tired Skin)

There are many causes of aging skin; sun exposure, smoking, illness and/or lack of home care are all potential culprits. We find comprehensive consultations with patients necessary to review medical history and lifestyle in determining causes of aging skin. Our skin care specialists can devise a plan to help you achieve optimal beauty whether it is through peels, photorejuvenation, products support and/or facials. Let the skin care specialists at Plastic Surgery Associates become the “personal trainers” for your skin.

During your facial rejuvenation consultation in Doylestown, we will show you before and after photos so you can see what kind of results you may expect.

To find out more about Aging Skin Treatments in Doylestown / Bucks County, call Plastic Surgery Associates now at 215-348-3415 today to schedule your initial consultation. During your consultation, you can also learn about the many face, body and breast procedures available from our plastic surgeon Dr. Silberman. He is a leading provider of liposuction, facelift and breast augmentation.