Broken Blood Vessels Doylestown

How are broken blood vessels treated?

Both men and women are plagued by brown spots, broken blood vessels, wrinkles, acne, and aging skin. Genetics and hormones play at these problems, as well as certain medical conditions. These conditions are treated by Doylestown / Bucks County plastic surgeon Dr. Silberman using a variety of approaches.

A comprehensive consultation about Facial Rejuvenation is essential to determine the best treatment program for each patient.

Broken Blood Vessels Treatment:

(Couperose • Rosacea • Red Face • Irish Skin • Telangiectasia • Hemangioma Spider Veins • Vascular lesions • Cherry Angioma)

Most patients complain of concentrated areas of broken blood vessels around the cheek, chin, nose and nostrils. While telangiectasias are most often attributed to your inherited genes, factors such as sun exposure, pregnancy and injury can exacerbate the problem. Most often a series of three Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments is required to achieve maximum results. To ensure a long lasting result, support products, prescriptions and sunscreen will often be recommended.

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