Wrinkles Doylestown

How can I Reduce Wrinkles on my face in Philadelphia?

Many patients in Philadelphia and Doylestown complain of wrinkles at some point during an initial consultation with our aestheticians. A certain amount of skin changes are normal and expected as we age. At Plastic Surgery Associates our skin care specialists have a variety of methods to help your skin look its best, including glycolic acid or TCA peels to exfoliate the outer layer of skin and smooth the texture of your skin. We may suggest Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments to boost collagen in the skin to give you a tighter, more refined appearance.

Daily use of recommended skin care products is essential when battling wrinkles. Collagen boosters, exfoliants, and sunscreens are mandatory to achieve your best look. Dr. Silberman is always available to consult with you about fillers to plump up the skin, Botox to reduce the muscle contractions and minimize dynamic wrinkles and beneficial surgical procedures such as eyelid tucks, brow lifts, face/neck liposculpture and facelifts in Doylestown. Cosmetic consultations with Dr. Silberman are complimentary.

To find out more about wrinkle treatments, call Plastic Surgery Associates now at 215-348-3415 today to schedule your initial consultation.