Fat Injections Doylestown

What are Fat Transfers in Philadelphia?

At Plastic Surgery Associates in Doylestown, the Fat Injection is designed to plump up facial features with a patient’s own fat. This procedure as it is performed by Dr. Silberman at his Doylestown practice is a natural alternative to other wrinkle treatments such as collagen injections. Because a patient’s own fat cells are used in the procedure, there should be no allergic reaction. In addition to minimizing wrinkles and frown lines, fat injection can reshape facial features. It provides definition to cheeks and chins as well as correcting minor facial deformities.

Fat injections allow the use of a patient’s own fat tissue to fill deeper facial lines and improve appearance. Fat injections are most effective in the deep cheek lines that go from the nose to mouth (nasolabial fold), and from the mouth to the chin (mentolabial fold). The effects of fat injections are usually temporary, but occasionally can be long lasting.

Facial wrinkles and creases begin to appear as underlying tissues break down. This break down is a part of the aging process but may also occur as a result of excessive frowning, smiling and squinting. Fat transfer in Doylestown simply removes fat cells from one area of the body and injects them into another. The fat is removed with a cannula attached to a syringe from a donor site such as the abdomen or buttocks. Once it is removed, the fat is processed to remove fluids and then injected in the desired site. Fat Injections in Doylestown should be repeated over time until the desired effect is achieved.

Who Is A Candidate For Fat Transfer in Doylestown and Philadelphia?

The ideal candidate is someone who wants to minimize the signs of aging that result from the loss of fat around the eyes, cheeks or in the mouth area. Other persons who may benefit from fat injections in Philadelphia are those who desire more definition in the cheek or chin area of the face or who have minor facial deformities. An initial private consultation for fat injections at the Doylestown office will determine and suggest the right procedure for you.

Is a Fat Injection in Philadelphia Right For Me?

In Doylestown, Fat Injections expectations are explained by Dr. Silberman. He analyzes the patient’s skin to determine whether fat transfer is suitable. He also considers facial features and may recommend other procedures such as facial liposuction and cheek or chin implants to achieve better facial harmony. Before and After Photos of fat injection patients from Philadelphia and Doylestown will be available for you to browse.

To find out more about Fat Injections in Doylestown and which are best for you, call Plastic Surgery Associates now at 215-348-3415 today to schedule your initial consultation.

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