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What are Photorejuvenation treatments?

It’s surprising how sun damage can age your appearance! Photorejuvenation in Doylestown / Bucks County, PA is a great treatment to remove sun damage, refine your appearance, remove unwanted pigmentation and make you look amazing. Philadelphia and Doylestown photorejuvenation patients routinely report looking “younger’ after their treatments. A photo facial is an excellent introduction to prepare the skin for a new skin care regime. And for the most seasoned skin care patient, a one-time treatment once a year keeps those dreaded age spots and sun damage at bay.

Administered by Plastic Surgery Associates in Doylestown, photorejuvenation is an alternative to more invasive cosmetic surgeries.

During your consultation, we will show you before and after photorejuvenation pictures so you can see what kind of results you may expect from treatment with Dr. David Silberman.

Is a Photorejuvenation treatment right for me?

Photorejuvenation treatment expectations are explained by the staff at Plastic Surgery Associates. They analyze the patient’s skin to determine whether photorejuvenation treatment is suitable. They also consider facial features and may recommend other procedures such as laser skin resurfacing, facial liposuction, eyelid surgery, browlift and cheek or chin implants to achieve better facial harmony.

To find out more about photorejuventation treatments or other cosmetic surgery options, call Plastic Surgery Associates now at 215-348-3415 today to schedule your initial consultation.

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