Breast Lift Doylestown

What is breast lift surgery?

A breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure to re-shape the sagging or ptotic (drooping) breast. It is often advantageous to consider a breast augmentation with a breast lift. There are different mastopexy techniques to consider.

As women get older, Mother Nature takes its toll on the elasticity, firmness, and shape of the breasts, causing them to sag. Sometimes women, especially those who develop at a young age, naturally have sagging breasts. Other times, pregnancy, childbearing and breastfeeding cause breasts to droop. At Plastic Surgery Associates, plastic surgeon Dr. David Silberman uses the latest surgical techniques while performing a breast lift, or mastopexy, making sagging or drooping breasts appear perkier and more youthful.

In order to better visualize what a breast lift can do for you, please look at our breast lift before and after photos.

Am I a good candidate for a breast lift?

Breast lifts are indicated when the nipple-areolar complex and/or the soft tissue of the breast descend below the crease of the breast mound. This can be determined by visual inspection or by measurement. If the length from the base of the neck between the collar bones to the nipples exceed 20-22 centimeters or if the majority of the breast tissue lies below the inframammary crease, then a lift with or without reduction or augmentation is indicated.

How does Dr. Silberman perform a breast lift?

There are several types of breast lifts, but at Dr. Silberman’s surgery center in Doylestown, the general philosophy is to provide the necessary lift with the least amount of scar possible. That may be as small as a circular incision around the areolar or as large as a lollipop incision around the entire areola with a vertical extension down the center of the breast mound with or without a small horizontal extension at the bottom of the breast. The incisional scars can be modified depending on any additional procedures either performed at the same time or at a later date.

Dr. Silberman will provide you with his recommended procedure during a confidential consultation for a breast lift in his Doylestown / Philadelphia office. The different types of lifts will be discussed and a suitable one will be chosen to meet your needs. Depending on your cosmetic goals, Dr. Silberman may also suggest undergoing breast augmentation to enlarge the breasts. If additional procedures are requested, that will be factored in as well.

I may be a candidate for a breast lift. What’s my next step?

When you choose Dr. Silberman, you’ll be greeted with a friendly, highly trained staff that will make sure you are informed about all aspects of your breast lift surgery. The office is proud to offer breast lift surgery to Pennsylvania patients in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Bucks County and surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

Call our office to schedule your initial breast lift consultation. The initial consultation is complimentary and you are under no obligation. Before your meet with your surgeon, make a mental note of any questions or concerns you have about the procedure. Our surgeon will be happy to address them during your visit. Call now to schedule your appointment. The next step is yours! Contact us now at 215-348-3415.

The professionals at Plastic Surgery Associates also offer Facial Surgery, Body Contouring, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Skin Rejuvenation procedures to patients in Doylestown and Philadelphia. In addition to offering breast surgery, Dr. Silberman is a well-respected liposuction, and tummy tuck surgeon. Be sure to review these options as well!