Chin Augmentation Doylestown

A chin augmentation in Doylestown, PA is a procedure that will enlarge the chin area. For a patient with microgenia (weak chin) this can dramatically improve their profile. An added benefit of a Doylestown chin augmentation is that the sub-mental (under the chin) area, where there may be loose skin, will improve as well. The chin augmentation procedure places an anatomic chin implant over the bone of the chin area. It is often performed as an office procedure.

To see what a chin implant can do for you, view some before and after chin augmentation pictures of patients treated by Dr. David Silberman.

Am I a good candidate for a chin augmentation?

Facial implants are designed for patients who would like to increase the size of certain facial features to bring them more in line with other facial sizes. Chin implants can increase the proportion of the chin in relation to the forehead, making a small or recessed chin appear more prominent. The goal of any facial implant is to create balance, proportion, and facial symmetry.

Candidates for chin implants in Doylestown / Bucks County are in good overall health and have realistic expectations for this cosmetic enhancement procedure.

I may be a candidate for chin augmentation. What’s my next step?

When you are ready to find out more about a chin implant, your next step is to make an appointment for a personal meeting about chin augmentation at Dr. Silberman’s practice. Call now to set up your initial consultation. There is absolutely no charge for the initial visit and you are under no obligation. Prepare all of your questions so that Dr. Silberman can answer them when you meet. Call today and make the first step for an improved and younger looking you. Call our office now and get the process started!

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