Neck Liposuction Doylestown

Contouring of the neck can sometimes be nicely accomplished with liposuction alone. At other times the liposuction procedure can be combined with a neck and/or facelift

To see what neck liposuction can do for you, view some before and after neck liposuction pictures of patients treated by Dr. David A. Silberman.

Am I a good candidate for a neck liposuction?

Often, the neck shows signs of age sooner than the rest of the face. Heredity and weight loss can also affect the appearance of the neck. The neck may develop loose-hanging skin, horizontal bands or lines, or a variety of other effects. A neck lift procedure can reduce some of these visible signs of aging. Through a variety of surgical techniques, plastic surgery patients can achieve a firmer, younger-looking neck through neck lift procedures.

Most of our Philadelphia, Bucks County and Doylestown, PA neck liposuction patients are between the ages of 35 and 70 and seek surgery to reduce the visible signs of aging. Most adults of any age in good overall health can undergo a neck lift in Doylestown. Uncontrolled diabetes or asthma, along with some other medical conditions, may make you ineligible for cosmetic surgery procedures such as neck liposuction.

I may be a candidate for neck liposuction. What’s my next step?

First of all, pick up your phone and schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Silberman to discuss your neck lift. This visit is complimentary with no obligation. To prepare for your meeting with your surgeon, make a list of all remaining questions you have so that Dr. Silberman can answer them. You’ve read here about a neck liposuction, you’ve seen before and after pictures, now it is up to you! Get the details of neck liposuction surgery directly from Dr. Silberman and call now.

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