Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Procedures Doylestown

What are reconstructive plastic surgery procedures?

At Dr. Silberman’s’ practice, reconstructive plastic surgery procedures after injuries such as skin cancer, trauma, wound care, hand injuries, pressure sores, microsurgery or facial fractures are intended to help people regain their bodily and facial features to improve their total look.

Reconstructive surgery is a type of plastic surgery performed to reshape abnormal structures of the body to improve function and appearance. Reconstructive surgery is different from cosmetic surgery, which is performed to reshape normal structures of the body to improve a patient’s appearance and self-esteem.

Dr. Silberman’s goals of reconstructive surgery are to reshape abnormal structures of the body, to improve function, and/or to allow a person to have a more normal appearance. Abnormal structures of the body that are corrected during reconstructive surgery may be the result of birth defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma or injury, infection, tumors, or disease.

Dr. Silberman services reconstructive surgery patients from Philadelphia, Doylestown and surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

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