Facial Fractures Doylestown

What is Facial Fractures Reconstructive Surgery?

Facial Fractures Reconstructive Surgery following trauma is different for each individual as it highly depends on the nature and location of the patient’s injuries.

X-ray studies and computed tomography (CT) scans are taken of the craniofacial injuries. The accurate diagnosis of facial fractures has been greatly improved by the addition of two- and three-dimensional CT scans which have replaced the plain x-rays for the diagnosis of many types of fractures. Three-dimensional reconstructions have enhanced preoperative bone analysis and planning for Facial Fractures reconstructive surgery in Philadelphia by providing a life-like simulation of the fractures.

According to Dr. Silberman, who is an expert in Facial Fractures reconstructive surgery, an early or immediate surgical treatment and stabilization of small bone fragments augmented by bone grafts and mini-plate fixation gives the best results. These new advances have allowed surgeons to approach and often reach the goal of restoring pre-injury facial appearance and function in a one-stage operative repair.

At Plastic Surgery Associates, we perform multiple Facial Fractures Reconstructive Surgeries.

Dr. Silberman’s work is one example of the extensive experience you can find at Plastic Surgery Associates. Not only does the staff strive to be efficient, but we also take pride in our warm, compassionate demeanor. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your hopes and concerns about Facial Fractures Reconstructive Surgery. Your initial evaluation will include a small health history and details about the procedure.

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Is Facial Fractures Reconstructive Surgery covered by insurance?

Facial Fractures Reconstructive Surgery may be covered by insurance when the condition is debilitating, or is preventing the patient from working. Please note that elective cosmetic procedures are not covered by medical insurance. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and we will assist you in determining medical insurance coverage.

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What other reconstructive procedures are available in the Philadelphia area?

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