Trauma Doylestown

The goals of trauma reconstructive surgery differ from those of cosmetic surgery. Trauma reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body caused by trauma or injury. Burn wounds, lacerations, growths, and aging problems are considered acquired deformities, in which trauma reconstructive surgery may be necessary. Some trauma reconstructive surgery patients in Doylestown and Philadelphia may find that a procedure commonly thought to be aesthetic in nature may be performed to achieve a reconstructive goal. Although appearance is enhanced, the main goal of the trauma reconstructive surgery is to restore normal form and function.

How do I know if trauma reconstruction procedures are right for me?

Our surgical expert, Dr. Silberman will help you make that determination when you meet with him in Doylestown, PA. At your initial trauma reconstruction consultation, your trauma condition will be evaluated, and surgical procedures that will help alleviate deformities associated with your condition will be recommended. If you have realistic expectations of the possible reconstructive surgery outcomes after surgery, keep a positive, optimistic attitude, and fully understand the procedures involved, then you are a good candidate for trauma reconstructive surgery in Doylestown.

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Are trauma reconstructive procedures covered by insurance?

Trauma reconstructive surgery may be covered by insurance when the condition is debilitating, or is preventing the patient from working. Please note that elective cosmetic procedures are not covered by medical insurance. Call us today at 215-348-3415 to schedule your consultation and we will assist you in determining medical insurance coverage.

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What other reconstructive procedures are available in the Philadelphia area?

We offer many reconstructive procedures and plastic surgery in Philadelphia. Please call our office to discuss reconstructive procedures, include skin cancer reconstructive surgery.