Wound Care and Treatment Doylestown

What are chronic wounds?

A chronic wound is generally a wound that doesn’t start to heal within four weeks or hasn’t healed within eight weeks. Patients of the Doylestown and Philadelphia areas need to have their wounds treated immediately if this condition occurs.

What are the causes of a chronic wounds?

Chronic wounds tend to occur in patients with poor blood circulation, diabetes, or for other reasons related to a patient’s condition. Pressure ulcers (sometimes called ‘bed sores’), for example, can develop in nursing home patients who are confined to bed, and can evolve into chronic wounds which can be treated at our facility in Philadelphia, PA. Likewise, for a person with diabetes, a simple foot blister may result in a chronic open sore, serious infection, gangrene, and may even require amputation.

How are chronic wounds treated?

At Dr. Silberman’s practice, each patient undergoes an initial evaluation of the wound, medical history, and current health. Blood tests, and other laboratory work-ups that provide information about blood and oxygen flow, may be ordered. Once test results are compiled, Dr. Silberman determines if an underlying condition, such as diabetes, is inhibiting the natural healing process of wounds. Next, an individualized, aggressive treatment program is planned, and specialists are brought into the case depending upon the assessment.

How do I know if wound treatment procedures are right for me?

Our Doylestown plastic surgeon, Dr. Silberman will help you make that determination when you meet with him. At your initial consultation, the condition of your wound will be evaluated, and surgical procedures that will help alleviate deformities associated with your condition will be recommended. If you have realistic expectations of the possible wound treatment outcomes after surgery, keep a positive, optimistic attitude, and fully understand the procedures involved, then you are a good candidate for wound treatment surgery.

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Is wound treatment covered by insurance?

Wound treatment may be covered by insurance when the condition is debilitating, or is preventing the patient from working. Please note that elective cosmetic procedures are not covered by medical insurance. Call us today to schedule your consultation and we will assist you in determining medical insurance coverage.

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What other reconstructive procedures are available in the Philadelphia area?

We offer many reconstructive procedures in Philadelphia, include skin cancer reconstruction. Please inquire to discuss the full range of reconstructive procedures offered at Plastic Surgery Associates.

In addition to offering reconstructive surgery, Dr. Silberman performs a range of cosmetic procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck.

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